Employment Law Compliance Review

There are a multitude of employment compliance challenges in today’s increasingly litigious environment.  There are also countless law firms ready to exploit those regulations against employers.  Stovash, Case, & Tingley, P.A., represents employers in ensuring compliance and avoiding these claims.  While a defensive posture may have been acceptable in the past, Stovash, Case & Tingley, P.A., recommends that clients take proactive steps to reduce immediate exposure and develop a long range strategy systemically reduce the frequency and cost of employment related litigation.  Stovash, Case & Tingley, P.A., offers an Employment Law Compliance Review (ELCR), focusing on solutions to tough compliance issues rather than simply providing a list of deficiencies. After the exposure points have been identified, the firm embarks on a course of developing and assisting employers in implementing practical recommendations.


Robert J. Stovash


Robert L. Case


Amy S. Shay